Love boxes distribution at Fundación Ebenezer

En la sede Park campus, se entregó LOVE BOX (cajas de amor), actividad del departamento de capellanía. La Fundación Ebenezer de Colombia, recibió de parte de los estudiantes, cajas de amor donde habían útiles escolares, literatura cristiana, útiles de aseo, juguetes con el fin de sembrar en sus vidas. La Palabra nos dice en 2 […]

Our work in Nueva Venecia, Magdalena

With expectation and joy, we delivered the donations collected to be offered to the community of Palafitos, Nueva Venecia, seriously affected by a gale, through the NEXT Program. Non-perishable food, clothing and books were donated with the help of Boston International y Boston Flex schools families. We have supported this community for 2 years, making […]

Health Brigade in Tasajera, Magdalena

BI Foundation, hand in hand with Iglesia Boston Central, carried out a Great Health Brigade for Tasajera, Magdalena. We delivered more than two thousand rations of food, medicines, medical, nutritional and dental care, and also clothes in good condition, we had recreational spaces for children, in addition to growth and teaching for parents and adults […]

Community dining room in la Chinita neighborhood, Barranquilla

On July 29, in partnership with Iglesia Boston Central, the first children’s dining room was inaugurated in La Chinita neighborhood. Along with a group of nutritionists, initial weighing, food dispensing according to nutritional table and assessment with specialists and psychologists were carried out, likewise, they enjoyed recreational activities with Misión Vidas para Cristo. It is […]

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